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~18.98 EUR

For years, cherry tomatoes have been very popular. These types of tomatoes are small, usually very sweet, and make the perfect snack. They are perfect for preserves. For lovers of this type of variety, we have prepared a special set, which includes some of the most beautiful tomatoes that can be found on the market. The set includes various varieties - both in terms of color and shape. It's impossible not to love these lovely tomatoes!
Varieties included in the collection:

  1. When buying a set of cherry tomatoes you save 8.99 PLN (aprox. 1.8 Euro) in relation to the same varieties purchased separately.
  2. It is not possible to exchange any of the varieties from the set for another one from our store's offer.
  3. The set consists of over 100 seeds, divided into separate packages for each variety.

Kit contents: