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~18.98 EUR

One of the most popular competitions in the history of our store was the competition for the largest tomato fruit, announced in our pages for the first time in 2016. Many of our customers were interested in not only valuable prizes, but also the desire to show their unique fruit. If you want to take part in the next edition of this competition, you undoubtedly have to start by selecting the appropriate varieties. To make your selection easier, we have prepared a set of varieties especially for you, giving you the chance to achieve specimens weighing more than two kilograms!

  1. When you buy a set of large-fruited tomatoes, you save 8.99 PLN (aprox. 1.8 Euro) in relation to the same varieties purchased separately.
  2. It is not possible to exchange any of the varieties from the set for another one from our store's offer.
  3. The set consists of over 100 seeds, divided into separate packages for each variety.

Kit contents: