Sometimes you may need to cancel an order that has already been placed. Any order that is not paid within 10 days of placing it is automatically canceled. If you don't want to receive the items you ordered, you don't need to do anything. Just wait. However, if the money for the order has been paid, and for some reason you need to cancel it, write an e-mail to us at: with the title "Order cancellation". Include your order number in the text. If the order has already been paid, the money will be refunded immediately using the same payment mechanism from which the payment was made, without any deductions.

The case is different when the order has already been shipped. The condition for receiving a refund is that we have received your order back. All you have to do is refuse to accept the parcel. When the package is returned to us, the money will be refunded. We refund the amount of the order, minus the shipping costs to the recipient and its return. If it was an order paid for cash on delivery and it will have to be returned to us, then we will ask you for a refund of the cost of the cash on delivery payment and its return to the sender.

In the case of seedlings, in accordance with the applicable regulations, which you accept when placing an order, the right to resign expires when the seedlings are planted in the ground.