To pay for an order placed in our store, you can use many different payment methods. It is selected at the last stage of placing the order. The following options are available:

Traditional transfer - it can be made from your own bank account, at a post office or at your own bank. The service is still popular, although it can take up to 48 hours to post the payment. In the case of a transfer from outside Poland, the service may be much more expensive (the transfer fee may exceed the value of the order), and the booking of the payment may take up to a week.

Przelewy24 - a very popular instant payments system in Poland. It supports a very wide range of banks and financial institutions, allows you to pay with a credit card and in the currently popular BLIK system, it also enables payments, e.g. in the Żabka chain of stores. The order status changes as soon as the payment is completed.

PayPal - by far the most popular form of payment on the so-called west. Established in 2001 and steadily gaining popularity, incl. thanks to very close cooperation with eBay and Amazon. It allows you to pay from your own PayPal wallet and with the credit cards associated with it. Very safe service for buyers. Highly recommended for all our clients outside Poland, as no additional fees are charged for such a payment, and our system records the payment immediately.

Cash on delivery - handled in our store by DHL and InPost carriers. A very traditional and safe form - payment for the order is made to the courier, both in cash and by card. After placing the order, we immediately treat it as paid and prepare it for shipment. We verify some of the orders with this form of payment by phone, especially if it is the first order in our store.