With the new version of our store, launched on December 28, 2020, we are resigning from the typical login to the customer account. This doesn't mean you lose access to your archived orders, quite the contrary! In the upper right corner of our website you will find the link "Check order status":

When you click on it, a page will appear where you must enter your e-mail address and city, i.e. the data that was provided when placing the order:

Now click on Check . If you enter correct data, an appropriate confirmation will appear after a while:

A message with a link will be sent to the e-mail address you provided, which will allow you to see information about your current order and all other previous orders associated with your e-mail address:

Click on this link now to open a history page for all your orders. On the left you can see your previous orders, and in the central part you can see all the information about some of them - apart from personal data: