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~18.98 EUR

In recent years, varieties originating from Russia and the former USSR have become more and more popular. Our full catalogue lists over 50 varieties of Russian tomatoes. To make your choice easier, we have prepared a special set of varieties for cultivation in regions with harsher climates. Such varieties are usually characterized by a fairly short growing period, greater resistance to unfavorable development conditions and lower soil requirements. At the same time, they offer excellent taste and very good fertility. From our offer, we have selected 10 varieties of Russian tomatoes that find the most buyers each year.

  1. When you buy a set of ground tomatoes, you save aprox. 1.6 Euro in comparison to the same varieties purchased separately.
  2. It is not possible to exchange any of the varieties from the set for another one from our store's offer.
  3. The set consists of over 100 seeds, divided into separate packages for each variety.

Kit contents: