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~18.98 EUR

In our discussions with clients, a question is often asked about the varieties that we can recommend for field cultivation. In response to a frequently asked question and for people who do not have a tunnel or a greenhouse, we have specially prepared a set dedicated to soil cultivation. It contains specially selected varieties that, thanks to their characteristics, will perform best in more difficult conditions. Compared to tunnel crops, field crops have less time to reach maturity and yield, and require higher resistance. In such situations, self-terminating and low varieties are irreplaceable, which yield perfectly in all conditions and are as early as possible. They do not require pinching the shoots. An additional key to selecting the following varieties, apart from the above-mentioned features, was their higher resistance to pathogens.

  1. By buying a set of ground tomatoes you save about 1.8 Euro in comparison to the same varieties purchased separately.
  2. It is not possible to exchange any of the varieties from the set for another one from our store's offer.
  3. The set consists of over 100 seeds, divided into separate packages for each variety.

Kit contents: