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An rarly heirloom tomato variety, with its history dating back 40 years ago. Gordon Brown was in kindergarten, when at the gate stopped the hippie in a van, offering a variety of tomatoes for sale. Nursery owner was not interested, but Gordon bought some tomatoes. Of the purchased fruits most in terms of flavor it stood out just Brasilian Beauty. Since that day, Gordon every year saws this variety. Not very large fruits are characterized by dark - mahogany color and insane flavor. The average weight of the fruit is 100 to 200 grams. Variety is very rare, fertile, reaching maturity in about 70 days. We strongly recommend to anyone who likes black tomatoes.

Package size 10 pcs
Fruit type Beefsteak
Fruit size Small
The growing season Early
Color Black
Growing habit Indeterminate
Leaf type Regularny