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A variety whose seeds we received from a horticulturist from Austria, Mr. Josef Obermoser. The tiny cherry-type fruits, no more than 2 cm in diameter, are very juicy and have a distinct flavor and aroma. Beautiful colors: a combination of deep Indigo black along with the intense golden color of the underside of the fruit and the flesh. Great not only as a decoration, but also as a snack. The only similar variety at the moment is Stripes of Yore, but Stripes of Yore fruits are at least 10 times larger. A tall plant, it requires stringing. Fruits ripen after about 75 days. Quoting Emma's broeder Mr. Josef:

Emma´s breeders, tomato nut Josef Obermoser and csa farmer Ulli Klein, are very thankful to Tom and Reinhard for their great work and very grateful to the generations of indigenous people and small peasants who selected fruits and vegetables for future generations in wonderful ways.

It´s very important for us that the indigenous people, small farmers and breeders who developed tomatoes before us get mentioned. and I think it´s important to mention us as breeders - to appreciate our work and to give interested folks the opportunity to get in touch with us.

My intention for bringing emma to as many people as possible is not only for them to have fun with it and to use its fruits as delicious food, but i´d also like to encourage them to use her as a parent for breeding more new varieties. Emma´s parents inherited beneficial genetics from wild tomato relatives such as solanum peruvianum and solanum pimpinellifolium from their grandparents and some of them certainly got transferred to Emma. Getting more genetic diversity back into our tomatoes is very important.

Package size 10 pcs
Fruit type Beefsteak
The growing season Mid-early
Color Indigo
Fruit size Cherry type
Growing habit Indeterminate
Leaf type Regularny