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Zlatava is a tomato variety with fruit the size of a ping-pong ball, which can surprise you very positively. They contain a lot of dry matter, which makes them perfect for drying, sweet, perfectly spherical, with an intense orange-yellow color. They look great in salads, and you can make delicious tomato juice or puree from them too. However, a special feature of this variety is its very high resistance to pathogens (alternaria and late blight). In our cultivation, after the harvest is finished - in late autumn - the bushes of a few varieties remain healthy, and among them there is always green Zlatava, which, despite cooler and shorter days, still bears fruit abundantly. We recommend!

In stock: 20
Package size 10 pcs
Fruit type Beefsteak
Fruit size Small
The growing season Mid-early
Growing habit Indeterminate
Color Orange