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Variety of Indian Stripe is more fertile than Cherokee Purple, its fruits are slightly smaller and have lighter color. Also interesting is the history of this variety: The original seeds came from Carolyn Male (which gave the name of this variety), which received the seeds from Donna Nelson in Texas, who in turn found the tomatoes growing in the garden of Clyde Nelson from Texas who cultivated this variety of so long as he can reach the memory. Tall and strong plants with regular leaves bear fruit profusely after about 80 days after planting. Fruits rarely exceed a weight of 300 grams, have purple color, irregular in shape and are slightly flattened. This variety bears fruit well even in colder climates. Fruits are perfect for purees and sandwiches.

Package size 10 pcs
Fruit type Beefsteak
Fruit size Middle
The growing season Mid-late
Growing habit Indeterminate
Color Black