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The Plum Lemon variety hit a wider market thanks to Kent Whealy, who bought the seeds at a flea market in Moscow in August 1991. He comes from the vicinity of St. Petersburg and is characterized by a vivid yellow-skinned fruit with a slightly less intense flesh. It matches Black Plum in an interesting way. The tomatoes are small, about 5 cm long, have a hardness similar to puree tomatoes, with a delicate, pleasant taste. They are perfect for soups. A characteristic feature of this variety is the aforementioned shape of the fruit, which, combined with their color, makes them look like a lemon. The plants are tall, they can be led into two shoots, they need to be tied or led at a stake. They reach maturity 75 to 80 days after planting.

Package size 10 pcs
Fruit type Beefsteak
The growing season Early
Growing habit Indeterminate
Color Yellow
Leaf type Regularny
Fruit size Small