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The name of the variety given in honor of the breeder, who comes from the American city of Columbus, who has been growing it for over 50 years. Each year he harvested seeds from the largest tomatoes and grew plants from them in the following years. Every year he gave away hundreds of seedlings to friends. Merrill died in 2010 at the age of 90. The seeds available in our store have regular leaves. Plants are characterized by average fertility. The fruit is slightly rounded, red, with an intense tomato flavor. The flesh is uniform, juicy and very aromatic. The fruit weighs up to a kilogram. Perfect tomato for sandwiches. The fruits reach maturity about 70 days after planting. High-growing plant, requires staking or tying.

Package size 10 pcs
Fruit type Beefsteak
Fruit size Big
The growing season Early
Growing habit Indeterminate
Color Red