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If you are looking for a yellow beefsteak tomato then Persimmon will be an excellent choice. The large fruits weighing up to half a kilo are fleshy, but just as importantly, they are not watery. The fruits are colored yellow-orange, with pink discolorations. The flesh is juicy, firm and very aromatic. This variety is one of the most popular yellow tomato varieties. In addition to its taste and appearance, it is also valued for its short growing season (medium-early tomato) and high yield per plant. The plant is tall, strong and requires stringing or leading by support. It is also worth mentioning that, like the Purple Calabash tomato available in our store, Persimmon is a tomato that found its place in the diaries and garden of former US President Thomas Jefferson.

Color Żółty
Growing habit Indeterminate
The growing season Mid-early
Fruit size Średnioowocowe