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Our favorite of all the pumpkins we grew so far. Definitely one of the most original and interesting. Strongly ribbed skin with an intense orange color. The flesh is uniform, without fibrosis. It is beautiful, but what is important – it’s appearance matched sensational taste. Ideal for soups, for canning, cookies, casseroles and any other application. The fruit is very durable, if the skin is not damaged, they can survive without the hassle half of the year, although we had a case when the fruit of this variety has survived ... two years. It is important that the fruit to store do not wash after harvesting and store them in a dry place. Damage to the skin or tearing tail greatly reduces the life of the fruit, which must be processed immediately! Fruits weigh an average of from 5 to 9 kg and maturity is reached after about 110 days after planting the soil. The package contains 5 seeds.