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The joker in the deck acts as a wild card, depending on the rules, it can replace any other card. When preparing a catalog with seedlings, we are limited in quantity - from our experience, we know that we can produce seedlings of only 60 varieties of tomatoes. How do we choose the best ones? Of course, the experience from previous years helps us in this, but this year we decided to offer you a new game(?). Joker. If you like this formula - it will be organized periodically, every year (provided we survive, of course!). As we mentioned - we can only produce 60 varieties of tomatoes. We choose 59 of them. You will decide what will be the last variety! Below is a poll where you have to vote and choose one or more variations. Each of the above 40 varieties is valuable and has this something in it.

At the end of the month of February, the joker will turn into the variety with the most votes. The Joker can now be added to orders, it will be a kind of surprise. Of course - it's supposed to be fun, so if someone doesn't like the choice, they will be able to exchange this variety for another - from the remaining 59.

Color Indigo
Growing habit Indeterminate
The growing season Mid-late
Fruit size Small