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Another variety came from Craig LeHoullier, who bought seeds of the Cherokee Chocolate variety in 1997. The fruit of one of the plants was different from the others - it remained green with a bright green center as it ripened. After stabilizing the variety's characteristics, he gave it the name Cherokee Green. A variety that fruits abundantly, the bushes are tall and strong, similar to the plants of the Cherokee Purple variety. Fruits do not exceed 300 grams, have an intense amber green color, as they ripen they change slightly in color towards yellow. It is one of the tastiest and most aromatic varieties of green tomatoes. Perfect for slicing, for sandwiches as well as the basis for a delicious puree. A late variety, the fruit ripens in about 85 days after planting.

Color Zielony
Growing habit Indeterminate
The growing season Late
Fruit size Średnioowocowe