Seeds catalogue 2022!

Dear Gardeners,

As that time flew by, we were just beginning to prepare for the production of seedlings, and here the next season begins! This time, we are introducing 39 new varieties of tomatoes, which means that our collection now includes 585 items ! Yes, almost 600 different varieties of wonderful, delicious, aromatic tomatoes! It is not only the largest collection of Heirloom tomatoes in Poland, but also one of the largest collections permanently available in the world!

Before we get to the news, however, some organizational information.

  • Until the end of the year, orders are shipped once a week (Monday or Tuesday). From January to May we ship every day.

Which of this year's variations are worth paying attention to? Certainly dwarf varieties - not to be confused with self-terminating - that is, with short, strong plants. They are very fertile, they can be carried out both on one shoot and in the form of cultivation without supports. They offer very high yield per plant, even yield and very tasty fruit. After the great sale of the Dwarf Purple Heart variety, we can see that this type of plant have many followers.

There were also some beautiful large-fruited varieties: we were very surprised by the size of the fruit beautiful Pink Jazz , Top Sirloin produces giant steaks, and Wins All - as the name says - it's a born winner, a real old tomato - juicy and fleshy!

In turn, lovers of sophisticated cuisine are waiting for Orange Accordion. Created for baking - just remove the seed nests to get a very sophisticated "container" for various interesting flavor compositions.

Those who are looking for tomatoes with even clusters and high yield from the plant should definitely be interested in Ararat Flame and Mr Underwood's.

If you don't have much space to grow, and you want to enjoy your cherry tomatoes at the same time, the wonderful Red Robin.

These are just a few of the novelties - see the full list below. Enjoy your shopping!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email pr [hone: +48 502-957-490. We are also present on Facebook!

Thus, we wish you a Happy New Tomato Year! :)
Sławomir, Anna i Marian Białoboki

New in the season 2023

Tomato Andine Cornue

Tomato Ararat Flame

Tomato Black Pear

Tomato Black Strawberry

Tomato Caro Rich

Tomato Chestnut Chocolate

Tomato Crushed Heart

Tomato Dark Spudleaf

Tomato Dwarf Blazing Beauty

Tomato Dwarf Brandyfred

Tomato Dwarf Lemon

Tomato Dwarf Mr Snow

Tomato Evil Olive

Tomato Galina's

Tomato Kewalo

Tomato Lima

Tomato Lucid Gem

Tomato Mr Underwood's

Tomato Orange Accordion

Tomato Pink Beauty

Tomato Pink Jazz

Tomato Red Robin

Tomato Rosella Crimson

Tomato Rosella Purple

Tomato Rusty Oxheart

Tomato Sweet Pea Currant Red

Tomato Top Sirloin

Tomato Uralskij Rannyj

Tomato Wins All

Tomato White Pink Stripe


Promotions in season 2023

Traditionally, we have two permanent promotions for you. As in the previous season, the possibility of taking advantage of this promotion depends on the amount of the order. Note, promotions are calculated automatically:

If you spend PLN 50:
Surprise Pomidorlandia.plIf you spend PLN 50, you will receive a unique variety for free, which will enrich your collection. The type of seeds will be selected individually for each client, based on previous orders. We guarantee that those who have never shopped from us will be satisfied with the additional bonus.
If you spend PLN 100
: You do not pay for the shipment by Polish Post in Poland! Outside of Poland you will have 8.9 PLN discount.

And finally, the best - both the above promotions are combined , which means that if you spend PLN 100 for shopping in our store, you will receive a unique variety, and the entire order will be left to you sent free of charge.


Top 10 2022

As in the previous season, based on the sales statistics, we have prepared a set of the most frequently chosen tomato varieties.

  1. Aussie
  2. Anna Russian
  3. Ananas Noir
  4. "Bycze rogi" Opalka
  5. Black from Tula
  6. Indigo Rose
  7. Dwarf Purple Heart
  8. Sugar Baby
  9. Black Cherry
  10. Katja

To make it easier for you to choose we have prepared a special set , which includes all of the above varieties - and the purchase price of the set is 10% lower than the same varieties purchased separately.