Outside the windows, the beautiful golden and red leaves slowly begin to give way to the autumn gray. The work in the field is slowly coming to an end - the last tomato harvest is behind us - it's time to give the ground a rest. The premiere of the 2023 catalog is behind us, met with a very warm reception. At the moment, we are finishing replenishing the stocks of missing varieties - we expect the end of the shortages in the middle of next week, but all the most popular varieties are now available. We will cover the following topics later in this newsletter:

Read on!

1. LIMA TOMATO The first item in this newsletter will be a new variety that every gardener should know. I am talking about an amazing puree variety - Lima. This year we offered it for the first time in the form of seedlings and it was met with great interest. Its fruits are hard, red and brilliant with any kind of preserves.

2. FULL PHOTO CATALOG When you call us with a request for advice, we often need a quick look at our entire offer - we do not have time to browse the offer, select and check features - we know these varieties perfectly - at this point we always use one tool, which we now also provide you with: Full Photographic Catalog. On one page you can see photos of all our varieties, which - at least for us - makes advising a lot easier. Note - be warned very strongly - this page cannot be viewed with an empty stomach!

3. MY COLLECTION Gardeners are collectors and collectors. That's the truth. We like novelties, but we attach to proven varieties. However, if we take into account that our offer includes almost 600 different varieties of tomatoes - it will be difficult for us to remember whether it was this one that tasted so great, and this one was so resistant, and this one we did not like. With this in mind, we are now introducing a new place on our website - MY COLLECTION. When you log in to your account (i.e. you check the status of the account or scan the QR code from it), a new item will appear on the left side, above the list of orders. After clicking on it, all ordered varieties will be displayed, and each of them can be assessed on a scale from 1 to 5. We hope that it will make it much easier for you to choose your favorite varieties now.

4. AVAILABILITY QUESTION The real Armageddon was unleashed right after the start of sales for the 2023 season - we couldn't keep up with the packaging, as a result of which many varieties became unavailable very quickly. Now everything is back to normal, but we are adding a new element to the page. With each unavailable product you will find a simple form, thanks to which you can ask about its availability. We will quickly check whether we still have seeds of a given variety and write back with the estimated time of their availability. Sometimes a variety will not be available until the next season, but it's always worth asking.

5. SCHEDULE It seems that there is still such a long way to the new season, but these are only appearances - time seems to run faster every day. It is already February for us - we are getting ready for the new catalog of seedlings for 2023. Our plan for the next 12 months is as follows:

  • February 1 - premiere of the seedling catalog for 2023
  • May 1 - end of seed sale
  • May 4th - start of seedling shipments
  • May 31 - end of sale and shipment of seedlings
  • June 1 to September 30 - summer break (we do not sell seeds)
  • October 1 - the premiere of the new catalog and the announcement of the results of the competition for the biggest tomato

Thank you for your attention and the time you spend reading. We hope that your changes and news will be appreciated by you.