October 1! Now, so soon! Literally a moment ago we germinated seeds for seedlings, we fought like George with the Dragon against the ban on selling seeds, and now… It's already autumn. Time flies way too fast. Maybe instead of worrying about it, let's think that it makes us eat tomatoes more often? :-) We hope that your plants have grown as beautifully as ours - this year can be considered one of the best in terms of harvest.
In today's newsletter: a catalog of new products, new forms of delivery, a competition for the biggest tomato in 2022 and pay raises. We invite you to read!

  1. The catalog of novelties for the 2023 season is now available! Thus, our holiday break is over. Enjoy your shopping. 39 new varieties have been added to the offer, we currently have 585 varieties, which is one of the largest collections of Heirloom tomatoes not only in Europe, but also in the world.

    Note: We continue to replenish the missing varieties, complete the harvest and carry out germination tests. This stage should end around October 20. If a variety is missing at the time of purchase, which you particularly care about - please write to us (sklep@pomidorlandia.pl) and we will check if and when its stock will be replenished.

  2. DPD joins the group of our carriers. For various reasons, not everyone likes Poczta Polska or InPost, and the prices offered by DPD are competitive with the latter.
    Starting from this season, we are also introducing the possibility of collecting orders in person at our farm, of course - after prior telephone contact.

  3. This year, we returned to the formula of the competition for the largest tomato and the submitted applications exceeded our wildest expectations. Huge and beautiful - 36 qualified entries - we have never had this many. Congratulations on great specimens, full entry list below (do not watch with an empty belly! :-)

  4. Wherever we look - prices are rising. We were particularly hit by the prices of fertilizers, labor, fuel and additional materials. According to official indicators, inflation this year is 20%, but in "our field" the increases are much greater: a ton of fertilizers from PLN 800 to over PLN 4,000; fuel from PLN 5 to PLN 7, even such a prosaic thing as printer paper, which in January cost 10 zlotys, is now hard to find cheaper than 33 zlotys per ream. Our carriers' price lists are updated on a regular basis (visible at the time of ordering). From the beginning of the year, InPost increased the prices of parcels by about PLN 2, and Poczta Polska by about PLN 0.30. Therefore, we also have to slightly adjust the prices of the seeds we offer - the price rises by slightly more than 1 PLN (~25 euro cents).

Thank you for your attention, I wish you a successful shopping and fruitful harvest in the upcoming 2023 season.
Z wyrazami szacunku,
Sławomir Białoboki
Gospodarstwo Rolne Białoboki / Pomidorlandia.pl