The next seed season is practically behind us - now the seedlings are playing the first fiddle. The first shipments will start in less than two weeks (May 4). For almost two months we have been preparing seedlings especially for you. Two days ago, quilting ended, now pot labeling is in progress. In about 3 days, the cartons that we will use for shipments will arrive to us. You can say that everything is buttoned up to the last button, now all you have to do is wait patiently.

Some varieties are no longer available: Chineese Dragon Tongue and Szentesi peppers. Tomatoes sold out seedlings of the following varieties: Cosmonaut Volkow, Mashenka, Cero Blackburn oraz Early Wonder.

The stocks of some tomato varieties are approaching zero, including: Berkeley Tie-Dye Pink, Ananas Noir, Black Dragon, Gardener’s Delight, Giant of Siebenburgen, Green Grape Cherry, Ildi, Raf, Siberian Tiger, Sisters, Solar Flare. JIf you want one of these varieties, do not hesitate to order. The current catalog of seedlings can be found here:

You often ask: what do our seedlings look like? Are they ready to ship already? They look… beautiful! Each tomato and pepper has its own pot and is accompanied by a label with the name of the variety. Thanks to this, there is no risk that you will mistake this variety for another. This is what one of our many tents looks like, in summer tomatoes and peppers will grow here, and now they are all occupied by seedlings:

Every tomato and every pepper has a label:


You often ask what height the seedlings are. It is quite complicated - the speed of growth of a plant depends not only on the time in which it is planted, but is also a varietal feature. Pot tomatoes (such as Tumbling Tom Red or Yellow) grow at a different rate, and tall or self-topped tomatoes at a completely different rate. Therefore, in one carton with seedlings you will get small plants - for example 8 cm tall (see: Tumbling), and next to them there will be 25 cm tall seedlings of tall varieties. The roots are of course an important issue. A well-overgrown root ball is a guarantee of the plant's rapid rooting and rapid growth. Our seedlings definitely have nothing to be ashamed of!

Together with the seedlings this year, we will be sending a shortened manual for their use. You can download this document from here to print it now:

One of the most important issues we discuss there is the planting depth of tomatoes and peppers. We will remind you again - the tomato should be planted deeply - to the cotyledon for the first time, and the pepper should be planted shallow - its stem must not be buried in the ground, as it may facilitate the development of diseases. The photo below clearly shows the hairs (trichomes) that will soon become roots. Looking from the root side, we can see the darker part of the stem, then we have a cotyledon residue and a light green upper part:

Finally, something very optimistic. We have the first flowers! It is true that they are only less than a millimeter, but they are already and they are waving their petals at us all from under the microscope! This is a sign that we will soon be eating delicious, juicy, sweet and fleshy TOMATOES!

We end today's news with this optimistic accent. We wish you a beautiful and peaceful spring and goodbye!