Dear foreign customers,

We are sorry to say that, but our seedlings are available in Poland and in Poland only. Due to fragility of seedlings it is almost impossible to deliver them to other European country within 3-4 days. Also, seedslings are shipped out while in many regions of Poland (and Europe also) night frost is common. Usually we monitor the temperature of the destination, and basing on this we decide to ship or not to ship - some orders. For Poland we can monitor this information within next 24 hours. But for European addresses we would have to monitor so huge amount of data and points, that is virtually impossible for us. Due to those facts, please accept our apology, and take a look at our seeds collection. If you would have any questions, just ask.

Please note. We consider delivering quantities above 3.000 seedlings within 2.000 km from Warsaw. If you would like to order 3k or more, please send us inquiery to