Today our farm was visited by guests from Estonia - Mayor of Kanepi Mike Jarv, accompanied by Pirat Kammul (chairwoman of the Kanepi Municipality Council) and Merike Luts (organizer of the arrival). The Estonian delegation was accompanied by the Head of our municipality - Dywity - Mr. Daniel Zadworny, along with accompanying persons. The guests were welcomed with obligatory tomatoes, and their facial expressions and comments left no doubt about the taste of our fruit. During the tasting, I gave a lecture on the cultivation of tomatoes of traditional varieties and the problems that our farm is going through due to the Ministry of Agriculture. This topic continually arouses great interest and agitation in the audience about the current situation.

The visit coincided with the construction of the first element of our conference room, where we will hold theory classes in the future. But all is quiet about this project for now! :-)

We would like to thank all our guests for their visit and invite you back!