There is nothing to hide, previous years spoiled us when it comes to winters. In the north of Poland, "white holidays" were just a memory. If it snowed, it was usually in early January, and if it was cold, the thermometer rarely stayed below zero for more than a few days. Now we finally have a real winter. Last year's winter was the peak, when the temperature dropped to minus several degrees maybe twice, and we saw snow for one day ... in May!

Now we finally have a real and beautiful winter. Finally, snow has fallen as well, allowing the groundwater level to rise even slightly.

We are writing about all of this for one reason - we now get phone calls and e-mails every day asking if the cold can harm the seeds. We answer quickly and simply - no! Don't worry, even the absolute zero temperature won't hurt your seeds (and they can be stored in liquid nitrogen to retain their germination capacity for thousands of years). But there is a trick here - the moisture of the seeds. If they contain a lot of moisture, the cell walls will break down in cold weather. However, when you buy our seeds, you can rest easy :)