In preparation for the opening of the new season, we also update sets, including of course: The most popular varieties. In principle, this set consists of tomato varieties that found the most buyers in the period 01/10/2021 to 04/31/2022. It is worth discussing the changes. On the left, an updated set, on the right: the most popular varieties of the last season:

Top 10 2022 Tops 10 2021
  1. Aussie
  2. Anna Russian
  3. Ananas Noir
  4. "Bull's horns" Opalka
  5. Black from Tula
  6. Indigo Rose
  7. Dwarf Purple Heart
  8. Sugar Baby
  9. Black Cherry
  10. Katja
  1. "Bull's horns" Opalka
  2. Ananas Noir
  3. Anna Russian
  4. Aussie
  5. Chapman
  6. Crimean Rose
  7. Gardener's Delight
  8. Carbon
  9. Indigo Rose
  10. Russian Big Roma

Opalka, which in this ranking was always first in history, was knocked off the throne for the first time in history and fell to fourth place. The new leader is large-fruited, red - Aussie. Right behind him was the delicious Anna Russian, an old variety of buffalo hearts. Pineapple Noir, in third place - a delicious pineapple tomato. The fifth place belongs to the Black from Tula variety - a Russian variety of black tomato, tasty and fertile. Indigo Rose, a tomato that needs no introduction. However, the next places are surprising, as three self-terminating or dwarf varieties have found their way to the best-selling varieties. Gardeners appreciate this type of plants more and more, which in field cultivation give very high yields, even and, importantly, early: Dwarf Purple Heart (our own favorite for two years), Sugar Baby (small, red, sweet and early) and Katja ( large, for such an early tomato).

Note, some of these varieties may be missing over time during the season, then instead of the missing, we take varieties from outside the podium, in order of popularity:

  1. Carbon
  2. Black Krim
  3. Malachite Box
  4. Russian Big Roma
  5. Legend
  6. Amethyst Jewel
  7. Blush
  8. Aunt Ruby's German Green
  9. San Marzano
  10. Crimean Rose
Of course, if such a change occurs, the description of the main composition of the kit will be changed accordingly. We enjoy your shopping.