It's hard to believe that it was spring just a moment ago. The more years on the back of the neck, the faster this time flies. This season went faster than the others, though it seemed the same. Carpe diem.

Dear Gardeners, Gardeners,

The Internet is such a terribly impersonal medium. Our goal has always been to shorten the distance created by a computer screen or a mobile phone, contact by phone or e-mail is the basis for us. Our website was created as an extension of our stand on the market, and there, as it is on the market. You can always exchange a few words while shopping. Ask what's up. Tell a joke or just chat. Unfortunately, we will not find it on the Internet, and we must admit that we always miss it 🙂

We managed to achieve this goal to a large extent, we made many interesting acquaintances, many of you are already recognizable by your voice 🙂 But we always avoided lenses, but this time we did not succeed, yes, it's us, Your Pomidorlandia in all its glory 🙂

During the interview we gave for the bimonthly "Gospodyni" we were visited by a fantastic photographer, Mr. Piotr Ratuszyńki. Thanks to his work, we finally have joint photos for the home archive, but they will also appear in the above-mentioned article.