We are pleased to announce the introduction of new features in the customer panel. Assuming that gardeners are largely collectors, we have made it easier to build such a collection. Some collect stamps, others collect books, and gardeners collect new varieties :-) With this in mind, we have modified the client panel and added many new features to it.

The most important is the new " MY COLLECTION " tab. It shows all the varieties that have been previously purchased. At this point, you can conveniently evaluate each of the varieties, so that in the future you can choose only those that have worked well for us in previous years.

For now, we are introducing only the overall score on a scale from 1 to 5. We have long considered whether it makes sense to break it down into partial scores (fertility, resilience, overall grade, etc.), and for the time being we remain with the collective assessment. If there is such a need and the variety grading system will fulfill its task - we will add more elements to it.

There are three ways to get to the MY COLLECTION panel:

  1. Link to the status of any order from our store (always in e-mails)
  2. At the top of our page - link " Check order status "
  3. There is a QR code on each bill, you just need to point the phone camera at it and a link to the customer panel will appear after a while.